Sismoha's prefab modular building systems offer overall and turnkey solutions for a vast range of versatile distributions, either temporarily or permanently

Therefore it is an ideal system in terms of quality, efficiency and mobility to achieve the development and execution of projects in record time of transportation, assembly and delivering in anywhere and anyplace. Sismoha works encompasses several fields: Healthcare, Education, Military and police (defense and custodial), commercial and industrial, agriculture, housing and residential, emergencies, hotel and leisure time, marketing suites… both for public and private entities

Social Housing

Prefab modular systems assembled in record time and with low cost advantage allow us to build social housing as a human right of everyone, no matter its economic resources. Not only avoiding unhealthy building but also preventing social vulnerability. We carry out the comprehension project for both for public and private entities

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Extensive experience in the construction of accommodation camps in remote locations, defense and military Labor Camp, Mining and gold labor camp. We have developed projects of military camps for armies in South America, where their installation needed speed and adaptation to unusual logistics such as barges, helicopters, the most capable vehicles on and off the road…

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Retreat and holiday homes

Our retreat and holiday homes are assembled in picturesque countryside, beaches, rolling mountains and rural areas, thanks to an ideal system in terms of budget, design, assembly and delivering in anywhere and anyplace, reducing bureaucratic procedures

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Modular building

We build high quality modular bathrooms and bathroom pods with a structured design, prototype, and delivery process that ensures you receive the maximum time and cost saving benefits. Our different types of construction allow us to build offices inside warehouses, control centers and annex buildings for any use in the industry. Our leisure centers meet the expectations of comfort, design and functionality.

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Emergency & medical center modules

Modular building solutions from permanent hospital complexes, to a variety of individual modular wards Record time installation and functionality, as well as the modularity of our designs, allowed us to offer efficient solutions in natural disasters such as the 2010 Haiti Heartquarter and devastating floods in South America caused by the powerful “El Niño” weather phenomenon. Emergency housing and medical outpatient clinics were installed there as well as plenty health centers were in Zimbabwe…

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Schools & colleges

Due to the easy and quick of assembly more than 1.000 modular building solutions for nurseries, schools, colleges and universities has been built in Perú

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Thanks to our experience in handling of numerous materials we are able to do other works such as: maintenance, rehabilitation and installation of roofs and emblematic facades, industrial and agricultural warehouses, parking’s…

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Quality materials

The design of our houses has been made adhering to all international regulations:

prefabricated houses sismoha
  1. Foundations

    The dwelling can be constructed on stilts set in concrete or built on a ready made concrete foundation depending on the type of land and the clients’ preferences

  2. Roof

    Overlapping panels (which have previously been described) with a minimum thickness of 40 mm. The exterior side can be ordered in various types of finishes.

  3. External walls

    The external panels consist of two pre-painted steel laminates ST-37 with a thickness of 0.5/0.6 mm. Between the panels is polyurethane expanding foam with a density of 40 kg per m3 making the total external wall thickness 50 mm. The external finish then depends on the clients wishes

  4. Internal walls

    Are made from the same materials as the external and have a thickness of 30 mm.

  5. Heating

    The materials used in our houses make them super insulated, warm and comfortable; however they are still designed to allow the installation of gas, electric, solar and other sources of heat

  1. Electrics

    The electrics are fitted in agreement with the electro technical code of low tension and complying with the rules of the supplying company. The system consists of various lines for sources of light and power. The general supply source is based in the entrance to the dwelling. The sockets and interrupters are high quality and match the colour of the interior walls. All the electric installations are designed to be hidden inside the internal walls

  2. Plumbing and Sanitation

    The pipes and tubes are made from flexible PVC with different colours for different uses with quick fit PVC joints. The sanitation pipe is (110 mm, 50 mm and 40 mm) depending on the drainage system and goes directly into the wall. The PVC is joined with rubber to avoid leaks, humidity and odour

  3. Windows

    The windows are ready lacquered in a white finish and open on side sliding runners

  4. Doors

    The doors are a bloc type. The interior doors are solid panels with a honeycomb centre and finished with prefabricated smooth sheet metal. Can be personalized to the customers’ requirements

  5. Bathroom and Kitchen (included)

    The bathroom includes a high quality WC, washbasin with quick fit tap and shower tray. The kitchen includes cupboards and storage below and above the stainless steel sink and taps that are prepared with a quick fit system that does not require skilled tradesmen


    Sistemas Modulares Habitables conocida como Sismoha es una empresa de ingeniera especializada en la fabricación de sistemas constructivos modulares habitables prefabricados.


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