SISMOHA is an engineering enterprise focuses on the manufacture of prefab modular building systems.

Since 2011, professionals from several disciplines have joined the team becoming a provider able to offer robust, stable and affordable housing solutions throughout the world.







Our mission

  • Develop a practical product at low price and high benefits
  • Develop a practical product at low price and high benefits
  • Clear up problems of accommodation and activity in a short period of time
  • Promote corporate Management based on social responsibility principles

Our vision

  • Lack of adequate housing in developing countries
  • People with few resources in developed countries
  • Uncomfortable conditions for workers and staff moved to large works
  • Failure to react swiftly in cases in which safe and comfortable places are needed to act and work


  • Create and build social housing, quick to install and at a low price
  • Get the right of adequate housing to everybody, which ensures access to a safe, secure, habitable, and affordable home
  • Solve problem of work spaces and accommodation in short time
  • Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. Management based on values and quality

The manufacture of prefab modular building systems involves to pool different work groups: draughtsmen, engineers, architects, surveyors, boilermakers, welders, assemblers, carpenters...

At present Sismoha´s team is made up of multidisciplinary experts on modular fabrications with substantive in-house expertise and experience and high qualification

Through its extensive experience, which includes machinery and motor homes constructions, its founders Juan Francisco Calderón and Antonio Ramírez are skilled in delivering successful and profitable housing projects that allow building in a record time and with low cost advantage.

juan calderon director general de sismoha
Juan Francisco Calderón

Advanced Team Management and business organization skills. Founder of different business Entrepreneurial vocation

antonio ramirez ingeniero tecnico industrial sismoha
Antonio Ramírez Moreno

Industrial Engineer specialized in machinery design and product and development design in several sectors.

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    Sistemas Modulares Habitables conocida como Sismoha es una empresa de ingeniera especializada en la fabricación de sistemas constructivos modulares habitables prefabricados.


    Pol. ind. “La Charluca”, parc. G-11 50300 Calatayud -Z- (Spain)


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